Canadian, Kentucky Takeover

The grand finale. We’re off from Kentucky and it’s time for some show and tell — and what a way to wrap up the trip. With friends coming down to meet us from Canada and an intensely packed 6 days straight of climbing, we’re exhausted but amped about what’s next. Read on about our epic … Continue reading Canadian, Kentucky Takeover

Coasting through the Canyons

After our previous episode of helping karma come around to our camping buddy, and narrowly avoiding some interesting conflict in Mexico, it’s fitting that we mellow out for a bit.

This portion of the trip revolves around our time in the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon areas. This will be a brief rest from the typical story format, so I’ll really just use it as an excuse to post some cool photos before talking about our awesome kayak trip along the Arizona/Utah border amongst some slot canyons.

Enjoy and stay tuned for when I get a chance to post about our kayak adventure!

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Bandits through America

Remember those four traits of the story I talked about in the first post: excitement, adventure, turmoil, and persistence? Well these stories maybe have some of those traits, but at that time I didn’t think there might also be quite so much chance, or “ninja-like” small time crime — not our typical scene.

You ever tried gambling in Mexico?… Maybe upping the anti with your car, or perhaps some temporary jail time? How about having your campsite stolen and delivering back a nice tall glass of karma?

Well, if you’re curious how it feels, or how it might happen, check these few short stories out!…

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Will the Wolf Survive?

Time for excitement and adventure don’t you think? Now two weeks since leaving Ontario, and a little over one week in Mexico (due to our previous car troubles), we can finally reflect on some fun we’ve had thus far.

Even though the general theme of this post is a positive one, I must confess this wasn’t an easy thing to do. Read on and find out why…

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